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You continue your walk down the streets of Hollywood, which has become surprisingly quiet, until you see a large and imposing figure with a long black robe standing in the center of the street, surrounded by a ring of policemen. A few minutes later, you continue on, and find yourself staring at another figure in a black robe standing on top of a boxcar, with a large man with an even larger and more fearsome black and red beard standing nearby. The two men look even more intimidating due to the fact that theyre dressed in the most horrible and disturbing clothing imaginable. You stare at them, unable to make the decision between screaming or laughing. You screamAs if your body wasnt creepy enough already, your face is even creepier than you thought it could be. And yet, somehow, you manage to scream, although at first it comes out as a squeak. When your body stops shaking, you look at the man next to you and you can tell by his face that this wasnt a scream that came from a depressed person. The large man looks up at you and he seems to be looking right through you. You sniffle, but I dont feel right. He shrugs, What you need to do is relax, get some rest, and try to get stronger for when you wake up. Are you telling me to be some sort of docile docile prisoner. The large man looks down, and you can see a hint of sadness in his eyes. Before you can say anything else, the woman in black walks up next to him, Do you need anything else, dear. The woman smiles, Now that I have your attention, I have a small announcement. Young man, I believe you have the key to your future with the woman that you are currently together with. Well, let me just say that I have seen the future with my own two eyes. So long as you remain with her, you will have a happy life. You dont know what youve done wrong, young man. I did see the future, and so have others and have seen everything. She pauses, Im sorry to tell you this, but I am now.

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