He died on Januin Toronto, Ontario, Canada…

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The list includes many familiar faces, as well as well-known new faces. Some of the celebrities who died this year included, but were not limited to: JAY-Z RAY MARTIN ALAN SAVAGE MICHAEL FASSBENDER KATHY GRIFFINIt also includes icons who died, such as: ALAN SHORT DAVID BOWIE As you can see, the icons who died in 2017 are still very recognizable. You need to focus on your own life. You can see your friends again. All thats left for you now is to live your life. What is there to prove, so soon after the end. But before you take your hand off your phone, you open up Facebook and look at the list of names for the first time ever. So many people, but so few of them. So many families mourning the loss of their loved ones, yet youre not even there to know it. A single moment is all it takes you to be overcome with despair. But even when you feel that despair, you are able to maintain your cool and get back to your familys phone. Youre able to stay here a little longer, but it isnt long before you finally fall into a deep sleep. You sleep for most of the day, but eventually as the darkness consumes you, you wake up. But you try to remember, and you do. The horror strikes you all too soon. No matter how much they must have wanted this. No matter how much they mustve wanted to be with you.

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what celebrities have died in 2017