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The fellow celebrities who threatened to leave the country before the presidential. Editors note: The HuffPo piece was published in the wake of an article by the Washington Examiner in which several celebrities and political figures accused Donald Trump of racism and sexism. The article was also called into question by Trumps own daughter Ivanka, who wrote in an email to her friends that the Media will never be able to cover this up. The new rules governing the use of drones will not be the only rules being rewritten. A law passed last week will increase fines for filming without a permit, a practice known as fly-tipping. According to the state legislatures website, the bill allows citizens to film or photograph events without a license. Fly-tipping is a form of illegal filming that has become widespread recently in New York, where hundreds of people have been arrested for filming events. The practice is especially prevalent at high-profile events, such as Beyonces Super Bowl halftime show, where police often turn a blind eye to the illegal filming. However, the law will make the fly-tipping more difficult for many to carry out, as police can request that a videographer obtain a permit by email within 24 hours. 100, which is already a sizable sum of money for many New Yorkers. This means that if someone has already been cited for fly-tipping twice, a third offense could be punished more severely than another first offense. The new rules were passed on December 14. The state has been in the process of updating filming laws since the NYPD began issuing tickets for fly-tipping in 2014. The new bill requires the police to issue fines for the first offense immediately. If the videographer can prove they are victims of domestic violence, the police will be allowed to delay the fine for 12 hours before giving the violator a fine. The bill also allows for up to a 90-day suspension of a permit if it is not returned. Under this law, a person who has already been cited for fly-tipping twice will not be given a second chance at the first occasion, and will not be given a third chance.

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