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Lets start with me:Handsome black guy, handsome, dark, sexy, and handsome, yes I will take up your offer. HOLD UP YOUR MOUTHOh, right, sorry, I was just having a little fun. Its impossible, I cant look past my own flaws. Im just trying to get a closer look at my own face. I-Very well You say softly, Please look at my face You push your nose up as far as you can, youre getting nosebleeds already. I want to look for evidence of tell tale signs of a personality disorder You say, as you feel your nose bleed yet again and feel it coming close to your eyes It would be a waste not to look for such signs, even if it means a loss of face You add. You quickly look over at the clock, You see its already past the time you have to be ready to go out, you are about to go out the door. You go over to the door and check you phone for its battery life and see that it has about 5 minutes left so you cant hang around out there any longer, you must escape. You quickly turn the stereo off and put the phone back, you know it wont work so you leave a note saying Please look at my face if you dont have anything better to do You close the door and make up your mind to take the risks of escaping now or not. You escape nowYou quickly head out the door and make it out the room. You run around the room and look around until you see a light on a desk, You run over there and press the button on the desk. You immediately hear a beep which you didnt expect and see a man standing behind the desk. You see his mouth move but you cant make out what hes saying. So you decide to wait for him to leave and youll see what he has to say when you decide to ask him a question. You wait patiently, you notice how he is not moving and your blood pressure drops and your heart feels like its going to explode, You just hope he does not notice your actions. As you wait, you look across the room and notice the room is large and filled with books, you could read for hours on your own for free in the library.

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