Halsey Reveals Her Birthday Gift From the LA Lakers

Over the years, and more so over the past couple of months, Halsey has made her LA Lakers fandom known. She has even recently created a second Twitter account just to tweet about basketball, which has ultimately made her a star in the sports world. Well, her team, the Lakers, are now in the NBA Finals as they are facing the Miami Heat, and are just four wins away from an NBA championship. Ahead of Game 1 of the series, though, the Lakers actually sent Halsey a birthday gift.

Halsey celebrated her 26th birthday

On Sept. 29, Halsey celebrated her 26th birthday. She has ultimately had a lot of success throughout her first 26 years too. The singer has had several hit songs, including “New Americana,” “Without Me,” “You should be sad,” “Bad At Love,” and many others, but she was even recently named as one of Time’s 100 Most Influential People of 2020.

For her birthday this year, Halsey celebrated by surprising her fans. She released a music video for “929,” the final track on her album Maniac. The video features home movies from Halsey’s childhood.

“Honoring the tradition of presents for you on my birthday,” Halsey tweeted. “Here’s a special music video for ‘929,’ you guys have made me who I am today.”

In addition to celebrating with the release of her new video, Halsey will also, most likely, celebrate by watching her team play in the NBA Finals the very next day.

The LA Lakers sent her a birthday gift

Halsey’s new Twitter account for all of her basketball takes is called “halsey and1,” which is a basketball reference in itself.

On her birthday, she tweeted a photo of a gift that she received from the LA Lakers, which was a Lakers jersey with her Twitter name on the back of it. It also featured No. 17 on it, and if the Lakers win in the NBA Finals over the Miami Heat, the championship will be their 17th title in franchise history.

In response to her tweet of the jersey, the Lakers replied, “Just in time for the Finals. Happy birthday, [Halsey]!” Additionally, Lakers owner Jeanie Buss, who she mentioned in the tweet, hit the like button on Halsey’s tweet.

Now, Halsey has a new jersey that she can wear while watching and tweeting about the Lakers.

Halsey has become a star on NBA Twitter

Over the years, Halsey has tweeted about her love for the Lakers several times. She has also been seen at multiple games, and the Lakers’ Twitter account even posted a photo of her at one last year.

However, with the Lakers being on a playoff run in the NBA bubble recently, Halsey’s tweets have ramped up. This has been the case, even with many of her followers probably not being the biggest of basketball fans.

“I know y’all are mad I’m tweeting about the Lakers but it’s the playoffs so ima need u to just look the other way,” she tweeted on Aug. 22.

It appears, though, that this ended up leading Halsey to recently making the new Twitter account, “halsey and1,” which has since made her a pretty popular personality within the sports world during NBA games. Not only has she tweeted about her love for the Lakers on it, but she has also had some pretty funny posts.

“Where my clippers fans at, y’all have anything to sa—nope? Ok,” she tweeted on Sept. 15 when the LA Clippers shockingly lost in Game 7 of the Western Conference Semifinals to the Denver Nuggets.

Additionally, the Lakers have also been pretty good since the creation of Halsey’s new account. They started 5-0, but are now 7-1 since it came into existence.

The Lakers and Halsey might be one of the best duos in sports. It’ll be interesting to see if the Lakers can continue their success by winning in the NBA Finals over the Miami Heat.

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