Hairspray Star Nikki Blonsky Claims Zac Efron Slipped Her The Tongue In Their Big Kiss!

Zac Efron slipped Nikki Blonsky the tongue during one take of their big kiss in 2007’s Hairspray?! That absolute cad! #jealous

In an interview with Women On Top on Wednesday, the Baltimore and Me singer reminisced about the days of working with Efron on and off set. Though we already looooove him, her words about the former High School Musical star scream how amazing he is as a human being.

Okay, so she had a lot to say that we’re going to talk about, but first let’s start with this kiss. During the podcast conversation, Nikki revealed:

“He slipped on me! Adam Shankman, our director, called him on it. Adam was like, ‘Hey, whoa, just caught the tongue!’ And Adam was like, ‘No! No tongue!’ He’s like, ‘This is PG, there is no tongue!’”

Ermagod, wow!

We love how gurl even brought the receipts — someone has gotta ask Adam Shankman to confirm this story! Who knew Zac was such a naughty boy??

And, apparently, their chemistry was as magnetic off the screen as it was on. They became BFFs! She told the hosts:

“Not to make every woman and gay man jealous, but he was my best friend on the set of Hairspray. Even when we weren’t filming, we were together on the weekends. constantly at my apartment and I was always at his, doing his laundry when he didn’t do it. I will toss him under the bus for not doing his laundry! And he knows it!”

While promoting the movie, Zac even had THIS to say:

“I’m not all about these super, super skinny, perfect girls. It’s self-confidence, it’s a sense of humor, it’s fun … it’s how comfortable you are .”

Is it just us, or does it sound like a certain co-star had a crush on Nikki?! Slipping someone the tongue when it isn’t required definitely says there might’ve been some romantic interest there, even off the screen.

Though if that’s true, it would be on Zac’s part only. For those who don’t remember, Nikki recently came out. Back in June, in honor of #PrideMonth, Nikki released a TikTok video where she lip-synced Diana Ross‘s I’m Coming Out.

You can check out her post from earlier in the year here:

A post shared by Nikki Blonsky (@nikkiblonsky)

Well, here’s a belated congratulations to Nikki on coming out! We’re also stoked that she shared that info about the kiss, and now our minds are all going back to this blast from the past and remembering all those adorbs moments between characters Tracy Turnblad and Link Larkin. Can we MAAAAYBE get a cast reunion show or something? Pretty please with a cherry on top?

Anyway, check out the full episode of the podcast below:

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