Hailey Baldwin has been spotted in Vans sneakers several times…

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You also try on a pair of shoes that you saw Hailey wearing a few days ago. You remember that the shoe is so new that nobody has worn it yet. Ve probably been missing out on something good. With your newfound knowledge and money, you could afford the shoes and have them shipped to you. Re going to spend your money anyway, you might as well be prepared for the worst, rather than the best. You leave your apartment building and head to the corner store. You enter the store and begin your search. You look at the shoes a few times and come back with a pair that catches your eye. Re a black, three-eyelet laceup, with a black lacing system and a white sole. Re similar to the shoes you saw Hailey wearing. The next day, you take the shoes to Hailey. M just glad that I got you this rare pair. D seen you wearing them a lot in the movies. I bet you could get them for cheap.

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