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Tbh I think the industry as a whole has been fucking up since the 80s when the mainstream became a little more accepting of the mentally ill. T help that the majority of the media portrays the mentally ill as evil, manipulative, or a threat to society. Just look at how people are talking about Jesse today. S never a threat and yet people see fit to call him all of these attributes. Suddenly movies had a sense of reality if you had a mental illness. I think the reason pop culture seems oblivious to pop culture is the same reason why television has been such a problem for society. Pop culture is anything a minority with power can get their hands on. True but I like a lot of the pop culture you mentioned. I just keep thinking that it could really be helped if it was directed more towards a broader audience. T mean a show has to have some good message in it, which can be a double-edged sword, but it needs to have a larger audience so the message can reach more people. Hm, well you just got a little more specific than I had in mind with your last statement. I dunno if a pop-culture thing can ever have a wider audience for the same reason TV has a larger audience today. S almost never aimed at the average person. The media is really controlled by people like Rupert Murdoch as well as big corporations and big foundations. When those three entities started telling people what to watch, read, think and like, well what did we tell you Krazy Kat. Ve made more money writing stories and novels for mainstream publications. At least, that was my excuse for being a hack writer.

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