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A week ago her pictures were posted on tumblr, but the latest one has been getting muchmore publicity. Just want to point out Im only sharing this one of many. AHAHAHA I love the bit where he says I think Ive seen you in the nude. You post something funny and she responds with:.

Ll probably be a lot better than you probably think. The last thing the man says before giving you a dirty look, is that this is all going to be over soon. You leave the barWhatever business you have with the man in the bar is over. You head back to your room and get dressed to leave. Ve managed to make a complete ass out of yourself. Re really trying, but you manage to get to your next destination. You see a group of people huddled around several open liquor bottles. One of the more attractive people in the crowd begins to talk to you. T even know why you bother to take any notice of him, just accepting his help because why not. You head out of the hotel room and get in your car.

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hacked celebrities photos