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Look, can I put my bag on your lap. You put the bag on his lap and walk over to the table with the food. S finished eating you grab the bag and give him one more glance as you continue eating. S one more thing you need to discuss. I just wanted to say I appreciate what you did. M happy today that we have each other. You say, picking up the fork and starting to eat again. T expect everyone here will forever be friends. Ve been holding it together, but your boyfriend is looking at you differently than the others. T show any emotion, he just keeps chewing. Re finished, you grab his hand and put it on you lap. He stills and gives you a brief stare. You keep eating and continue to hold his hand, and as you do, he continues to stare at you. You take his hand and wrap your arms around him. He wraps his arms around you in return and hugs you tightly. You say as you begin to sob into his shoulder. Evan looks at you with a mixture of sadness and a mixture of concern. Re having a hard time not crying. Ve fallen into a new deep hole again. Ve never been so sad or so quiet like this before.

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