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You dont think you need to be reminded that this is a very serious subject and this is someone who you would never want to be dealing with and you are not going to bring up the fact that you just dont like big Ds and the implication that it may be unhealthy is too much. Of course you dont mention the fact that you still cant stand guys with flat chests. Its one thing that you do not want to have to deal with the awkwardness that might come from some guy giving you some unsolicited advice about what to do to yourself to change your physical appearance, but its another to have someone who has it worse than you and you dont say anything. You just keep looking at Leslie and then Tina, both of whom are giving you the look of someone trying to convince you that they dont like them as much as you do. You feel bad for them, they are going to have to change a lot before they can consider themselves in any way better than you. You see them both getting out of their cars, both with bags in hand, and head towards the front door of the hotel. You mumble and then your words catch in your throat and you have to stop you are about to make another inappropriate comment. While Leslie and Tina are both well on their way to the front entrance; you are not quite so lucky; you are a lot further back. You run to the far end of the parking lot and crouch down in the grass until the two of them are out of their cars and walking towards the hotel. You start to say, but then Leslie puts a hand on your shoulder and you turn around to confront him. T stop walking and just takes his hand from your shoulder and just stares at you.

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celebrities with big chins