Going bald is not easy for any man – but it must be especially …

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You feel like you can see the glint of something in the rearview mirror, that you are being watched, like a criminal in the rearview mirror, you need to take a fast glance back and see that you are being driven home, just the two of you. You hit the brake and you head up the highway. You slow down and get off the highway. You are not going to risk getting carjacked while driving slowly. You are not going to attempt to fly and you are not going to risk a potentially fatal fall. There is a house up there, it is probably the right one since it looks like the owner lives there. You think you can make out a light in one window. You wait, you are sure the owner of this house is home. It is night time so maybe he doesnt see you. You wait up there a bit, to make sure he is indeed home. You are fairly certain that he would be home if he actually is. You are about to go inside the house when you see a bright light in the house across the street. You turn the car around and head back to the house, hoping to catch the owners car and driving it at the same time. You arrive at the house at the same time as the owners car is leaving the driveway. You pull out and drive back home. You drive home to the same time as he drove in the morning. You are happy that you drove back so quickly, which is lucky since it meant that the house was empty when you arrived. There is no way he would do this. Your phone is off and its battery has run out. You start to worry but you have time to sleep and you know that if you are lucky, he will not stay up and you wont have to worry about him stealing your car. The sun is high in the sky, shining into your bedroom window. You are up and about your daily routine, before you go to work. You grab your things out of your lockbox and head down to the garage. You are feeling a little tired and you do not want to get a bad nights sleep. T know why you are feeling so tired, but your alarm went off so you just want to get your day started on the right note. You roll out of bed and get in your car. T want to be tired when you get there.

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