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Well, I dont know, but from here on out Im going to try to keep my fingers in my ears in order to avoid falling down the hole of celebrity obsession, but I will now, because I have to tell you about it. So, Im going to try to keep this brief; you could read it and still get a good laugh. You could read it and youd still get a laugh. You could read it, and youd still get a laugh. The first one who took the plunge was Hugh Hefner. The First Man: Hugh HefnerIf there was ever a man to try to understand celebrity obsession, it was Hugh Hefner. As anyone who has read any biography of Hefner knows, he was a very famous and very successful film director and screenwriter. He did have a reputation as an odd man out in Hollywood due to his lack of conventional values and even less conventional taste. He claimed he wanted a more free-spirited, bohemian lifestyle, but he was very much into the Playboy magazine lifestyle and not really interested in the sexploitation films of the time that most of his peers were He spent quite a bit of time away from home and it is said that he had a lot of time on his hands, even more so than other famous film directors, as a result of his work as a film director. In addition, his social life was a bit quirky and he was married twice: the first time to his high school sweetheart, Jean Hefner, and the second time to Marion Moe Munro, the sister of a man who worked for the Hefner family business. He was also a writer, having contributed stories to Playboy magazine, which led to a friendship with writer Hunter S. Thompson, a relationship that was very friendly, as Thompson was very fond of Hefner but Hefner also had a number of affairs, sometimes with his neighbors at the Playboy mansion, other times just with women who were friends or other women who were willing to sleep with him so he could write for Playboy. Note: this behavior became less and less socially acceptable as time went on and even more so as the 1970s came around As far as other men, Hefner generally had a more respectful attitude towards them than most men in the movie industry. Much of it involving, but not limited to, whinnying, groaning, and even the use of.

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