Ghastly thing John Torode calls out Gregg Wallace for awful Celebrity MasterChef prank

Masterchef: John Torode swears after contestant finishes dish

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John Torode, 56, has worked with Gregg Wallace, 57, since 2005 on MasterChef, although the pair have known each other since the early 90s. During this time there have been plenty of pranks, with John recalling to a “ghastly” event on Celebrity MasterChef.

It was just so awful!

John Torode

John actually met in 1993 when Gregg was John’s fruit and vegetable supplier at Sydney Street restaurant.

Due to this prior relationship, their chemistry on MasterChef came naturally and has stayed strong for nearly two decades, leaving room for plenty of laughs along the way.

Recalling a certain prank on the show, John told “I remember once that I hadn’t been paying attention to what was going on and usually I watched the contestants but something had kept my mind busy.

“So I ate this dish and Gregg just smiled at me in full realisation.

“What I had just put in my mouth was the most ghastly thing that could have ever happened.

“It was a piece of liver that had been soaked in milk.

“It was just the most awful thing, it tasted like something a deer would have found in the woods. It was just so awful.”

John also shared details to about the pair’s “amazing” offscreen friendship.

He said: “We have an amazing relationship whereby we sort of chat to each other by text but we don’t really hang out together.

“One of the great things about working with somebody like that as you do have a different life is we’ve got a different opinion on everything, and we do have different opinions on everything.

“We have different opinions on what we like to how we like how we dress, cars, music, definitely on music.

“And, we also have different opinions on food. And, I think that really helps with what we do and how we do that and the world we are involved in.

“So yeah, it’s a great, interesting relationship.”

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