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Chicago is the city that never sleeps and there are two ways you can see us. One way is to have fun and relax or visit the famous sights. The second viewYou want to see all you can before you leave and that would take more than two hours to do. The other view would be to leave right now. This would get you out of Chicago and into the city of your choice, a place where you knew you could get your moneys worth. You leave nowTime is your enemy and you must be on the moving target. You will arrive here soon enough and that will be all you need to say goodbye to the city you have known and loved. You leave nowYou are on the move now and it is time to go, but you have no destination in mind. You are at a loss as to where you should go as you find your mind wandering and searching the globe and the universe for a home that would be fit for you as you search for where your lifes purpose lies. An IslandYou remember a small island in the Caribbean called St. You recall a time when there was more of a sense of unity among the people there and there were many more people than there are now living here. Most of the islands in the Caribbean are uninhabited as no one lives there except those who need to. You hope your spirit will find a home there somewhere without having to leave this place. The thought of a home for your spirit is a great comfort as you watch the stars drift by. You go to the shoreYou want to enjoy yourself, so you will leave the city behind you. You will be going to the shore and swimming out to the shoreline. From there, you will swim out to the island where you have seen photos to get out of this city and it will be over with. From the shoreline you will see the city of Chicago, a busy city that could use a little peace. Your thoughts are about going to a place where you have not been before. You think you might find a place close to home because there is nothing here to tempt you. You will have to be careful that it is the right place though, otherwise you will go too far and you will find that you are on your way to somewhere else. You continue on your wayYou continue on your way back to the city of Chicago and you begin to wonder what you will find, but the only thing that you find is Chicago which has always been here and will always be here. You arrive in ChicagoYou arrive back in your hometown and you find that its pretty much the same as always.

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