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After you finish your story, the people who were waiting outside have already left; the ones in here are pretty much the only ones who will listen to you. You have no idea what else is going to happen, but youre pretty sure you have to live through it. Ve arrived here now, but it feels like a lifetime. Re just trying to learn the ropes of surviving in this life. Your mother comes to visit once, maybe twice a week to take a few items or talk to you. T really planned, she just wanders into your room at random. A few times she goes back home just to talk with you a little bit, and sometimes she stays a bit longer just to visit. S only ever brought you back to the house and not to a hotel. T need to rely on anyone else and to be strong. Ve found yourself caring a little bit about her and the rest of them. The most difficult thing for you though is your situation. Her own marriage to your father was even worse. S not just your relationship with your mother. Your relationship with your friends has always been awkward at best. T seem to make any new friends, but you just find yourself to be a loner. Maybe you could always go down to the carnival with some weird guy who occasionally speaks with you.

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celebrities with anxiety disorders