Getting a nose job isnt always a cosmetic thing…

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I mean the world needs more celebrities that are sensible and dont sway to do drugs. It isnt as much about a celebrities career as a life style thing. I just cant stand the thought of celebrities that are wasting their life time away by drinking. I think its also about more celebrities that are dressed in such shameful clothes. I was a bit surprised to see a celebrity like Kylie Minogue using clothing that isnt even my style. Shes silly to think people cant tell a fashion mistake when they see it. As well as those, I was also surprised to see a famous popstar like Pink with a pony-tail. I didnt even know that ponies could have curly hair. She looks like a kid dressed up as a cartoon character you might buy a t-shirt for. Why am I even trying to like something which, if I didnt, I wouldnt do it. Oh I think its because youre trying to get me to like you. Im not trying to get you to like me. I mean, I guess you are the hottest starlet around thats worth shooting for and youve been in a lot of movies so I cant blame you for trying. I mean, I dont mean to take advantage of you or anything. I just dont know if Im cut out to be an actress. I mean, thats really what my parents wanted me to do. So when I had this recurring dream of being an actress, it sort of freaked me out, and I didnt know what I was going to do about it. I mean, it didnt really make me feel bad about being.

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celebrities with nose jobs