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S not like you have a whole lot of other options. T want to risk running into the GZS security. Re going to give them, even if they say they need it as collateral. You then grab your hunting rifle and shotgun and open up your bags. You quickly unpack the contents and then close your bags, and throw them in your duffle bag. You then grab a change of clothes and head back to the trailer. Ve probably made the right decision anyway. S supposed to pack some sandwiches, some oranges and a couple of drinks for you. She answers and nods and walks over to a large open trailer door, which is open a lot of the time since its part of the building. The inside of the trailer is pretty much the same as it was when you had moved in, though the television is now off. You can see a couple of men sitting at a table with a number of TV screens. You also see a couple of cans of Red Bull sitting outside a fridge. The woman standing at the other side of the trailer door says. M supposed to come over to pack some stuff for the weekend. Re not exactly keeping you company. Re going to run out of fresh canes pretty soon.

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