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You think about a few different things as you head home. You need to talk to MeliraYou have to talk to her about something. You wait, and then finally she goes upstairs. You head back down to the basement and tell Gwen what Melira did to you. Ll probably have some drinks with you later. The next day you get a phone call. M going to get out of your hair now. Gwen, I want you to fucking stop talking to me like that.

I mean, I thought I was supposed to be seeing more people with round faces, not less. You walk past the half-destroyed model town and eventually you get to some open fields. You ask since the last you remember the entire area was filled with zombies and the constant ringing in your ears was driving you a bit crazy. Re all walking, talking and acting like zombies. T react too badly to the blast, but others went completely insane. S going to happen if the virus gets released. At the very least, you can see something not bad from here. Looks like we need to start walking. Jolene stands up and quickly starts leading the way back to the house. S about time we see that house, you say. S nothing here to eat, and I think we should see some of what might be around here. S never too much of a walk from here. Re going to see that house, we need to hurry, because there are a lot of infected in the area. Because you were a stupid girl who thought she could protect you and then it turned out your efforts were for naught.

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