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The Vampire will not be a simple kill all that move fast and kill everybody, get the fuck out affair. The Vampires will have to get to know each other from across the country in order to work together effectively and get the job done. Vampires of the area will have a different way of doing things than the average person. They will have to take out a bounty to pay for food and other costs. Then, once they gain the rest of the communitys respect, they will form a governing body to run the organization. Every vampire must be at least 18, have either a bloodline or at least 5 years of experience as a vampire and must pass a blood test every 5 years. The rest of the rules can be up for discussion, but the rules should be to help the Vampires survive in the wild and the Vampires only should be killing the weak and most desperate humans they can find without blood testing, to avoid harming innocent humans. The first few Vampires to form will be given a big bounty on them. T get killed as easily and start feeding. The next step is to start gaining a little more respect for the vampires. First, we take on the form of humans and convince the humans that the Vampires are not a threat and the humans are the real problem with the food that they are forced to eat. We then start spreading the word that the Vampires rule and the Humans are being ruled by another group of greedy vampires and are not to be trusted. We even start gaining the respect of the local townsfolk. We get so good at our lies that eventually no one dares call us out on it for another 5 years and our control over what is and is not eaten grows stronger and stronger. They come in small groups to search for clues but they are nothing but threats to vampires. Even when they are beaten, they continue coming back. You, on the other hand, can attack the Vampires whenever you like. We can either try to convince the townsfolk to kill the hunters but then they will have blood on their hands. Or we can kill the hunting parties themselves while they are out searching, but then we will be relying on them to come back for us.

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