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AndHeres to a Happy New Year from the Celebs on Twitter. More info:THE FLATS:The fire broke out shortly before midnight on December 31. It was still too windy for firefighters to make a controlled entry to the building. The flames spread, igniting other materials on the top floors, and the fire quickly spread to nearby houses. At least five homes were fully engulfed by the time firefighters arrived. The flames had also spread to the parking structure and the Getty parking lot. The Getty is one of the worlds largest art institutions. Firefighters called in a bulldozer and water buckets in an effort to contain the flames. The blaze had destroyed about 250 feet of the Gettys walls and roofs. PHOTOS OF THE FAILURE OF FIRE-FIGHTER:THE DAMAGE:The fire destroyed more than 25 of the Getty Villa. The building was severely damaged and not expected to be usable for quite some time. Most of the Getty Villas staff, both men and women, were evacuated safely. The Getty Villa was a museum to art that is now vacant. The fire claimed more than 200 cars and destroyed others as well. The Getty was a private property and the owners have not filed for insurance in the aftermath of the fire. Aftermath:The Getty Foundation, which had managed the Getty Villa, filed for bankruptcy protection and was dissolved in 2009. The building was razed to the ground and leveled for a major redevelopment project. Today: The Getty Fire of 1989 was the deadliest fire in Los Angeles history. On January 9th, 1990, a fire killed 58 people at the Getty Villa in Malibu. There have been two more deadly fires in the city this year. On August 17th, an arsonist set fire to the Arroyo Seco Bridge in West Hollywood, also killing five people. And on November 2nd, an engine fire raced through the Westlake area in the early morning hours killing one person and injuring at least 80 others. The blaze ripped through the Westlake Village area, burning down a number of buildings. A number of people lost their lives, and most of the buildings were severely damaged. This was the fifth major fire in the Westlake and Westwood neighborhoods since 2000. In some cases, arsonists are suspected of starting the fires. These fires have caused damage to more than 40 homes. 200,000 in damage has been tallied by the Los Angeles Fire Department. The Westlake fire also came about because of the destruction of.

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