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Here, is a list, of some who lobbied for more, stronger gun control laws. George ClooneyHes the actor who portrayed the role of Mark Zuckerberg in The Social Network, an action movie about a man trying to hack into the system and get rich, which is why he thinks George Clooney is a cool actor. He also thinks Hillary Clinton is a real woman. Paul McCartneyHes one of the few rock stars other than Guns N Roses or The Rolling Stones with an actual message for you, he said he used to be a member of Pussy Galore, also he just wrote pussy in the third person sometimes, which is really fucked up. He also wrote a song called Bitch. Nina SimoneShes a great singer and shes been dead for years. Kirsten DunstShes also a great singer and shes been dead for years. Sarah Jessica ParkerShes now a television star. CherShes alive and a sex symbol whos had countless sex scenes over the years. Drew CareyShes alive and he hates you. Snoop DoggHe loves that little white powder. Kanye WestHes an artist and hes very famous. Bruno MarsAnd he cant figure out how to drive. Lady GagaShe used to be a pretty pop musician, now shes kind of a whore. Taylor SwiftShes an artist, shes very famous, but shes also a whore who cant stay in one place for too long. Amy WinehouseShes dead and so are her husband Johnny and her other one, Paul, for that matter. Shes a good singer, but shes still a whore. She likes to smoke, but shes not a bad singer. Shes very talented, even if shes a whore. Shes not famous, but shes a slut.

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