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The generations before you will be ignored andor ignored. And that, my friends, is how Im going to write my history of the world with a different perspective. Sincerely, The world is going to be a much different place, one that I didnt see coming. S really not what I thought it would be either. I always knew things were going to get darker and scarier, but I didnt expect it to get this fucking grim. D say the sun is going to come out tomorrow, but I might be wrong. Ll have to live and just do my best in my current situation. Maybe this is just a small taste of things to come. Just a were-wolf transformed into something a lot meaner and a lot nastier. Re being a little too hard on yourself. M not, I mean I suppose I am a monster. T deny the fact that I used my natural attributes in my advantage. S not like my powers manifested overnight. Ve managed to make a lot of progress in your career despite being a virgin for the majority of your life. Re probably even on your way to greatness already.

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