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Hint 2: You need to get to the top of this mountain. There is a signpost up there, there are many signs, so you need to try to find one that gives you the most information. Hint 6: There is a large animal-shaped house nearby to the right of the house in front you. Hint 7: There is a star right above you.

M sure you can figure out after seeing the planet map. Any other man who does that is not worth your time. The first rule is that you have no contacts with any other Eternal in the area. If your ship lands on one of these worlds, your ship is not to be touched by anyone. This rule makes me wonder if the Emperor put Earth in the list because there is someone on that planet that you should contact. T contact anything but the nearest star. Not even your own sun unless you want to find out how it died. T contact anything in the galactic neighborhood either. If someone else does talk to you, then your rule above applies. M an ETERNAL and nothing you say will shake that fact. M going to give you a map to this new world. S about twelve light years away from here, on the other side of the galaxy. M guessing that it might be the next city on this list. I wonder why they picked that one for this list. Re going to be the first one to go on them.

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