Gayle King: Oprah’s interview with the Sussexes is ‘the best she’s ever done’

For the past two weeks, we keep hearing about the “ninety minute Oprah interview” with the Duke and Duchess of Sussex and what questions Oprah will ask and what Meghan and Harry will say. It’s one of the biggest topics of gossip these days. Oprah went to the Sussexes’ home in Montecito last week, as everything was ramping up and getting crazy with the fakakta “one year review,” which Buckingham Palace was furiously throwing together at the last minute. Various British tabloids claimed that Oprah was mad that she interviewed H&M before the Queen’s formal announcement and the Sussexes’ clapback, “Service is universal.” But I think Oprah, Harry and Meghan all said what they wanted to say. And apparently, what they had to say was so good, the special has been expanded to a two-hour special? And Gayle King says that Oprah thinks it’s her best interview ever.

— ArchieMegHaz (@ArchieMegHaz) February 26, 2021

Maybe Gayle misspoke – but no one has corrected her “two hour” claim, so I think it’s real. Maybe when Meghan and Harry said 90 minutes, they meant 90 minutes of actual interview, plus 30 minutes of commercials. Anyway, I love it. A big ol’ two hour special on a Sunday evening in prime time. They’re going to be trending on Twitter for DAYS. The royal reporters are going to have the biggest f–king meltdowns, my God. Also: I cannot WAIT for the teaser.

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