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The first two lines alone is enough to get some laughs from some of you. If only because these two women arent really into each other, just in general. They just live together a long as it doesnt cause problems in the work place, The last bit is also a little funny, but the last line is where you get the most chuckles. At first you are just a bit confused, then you take a closer look at the woman in front of you and she is indeed wearing some sort of lingerie. S not like there has ever been any indication that women who look like this actually were this way in real life either. S possible she just likes wearing them in general or maybe she just wears them for working out. Clothing according to their personal taste and still call it fashion. T help but be a little turned on as you watch the woman in front of you. T exactly make you feel comfortable. In fact, you actually try to keep your distance from the situation as you try to figure out just what all the craziness is.

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gay women celebrities