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The only one who knows my real name and addresses. I cant tell Ashton Kutcher and Seann William Scott about my real name and addresses in the nude because the only way they could find out is if I tell them. I cant tell any others about my real name and addresses because if they find out, then Kourtney would think I was some kind of stalker or a pervert, and shed have no doubt reported me for harassment. Also, my real name being found out would just make the situation worse between Ashley and me. Kourtney knows the truth about my real name and me. You may wonder why I didnt tell you sooner, but I did. It was mainly because there was no way Ashton and Seann were ever going to allow me to live my real life as a woman. It was either their lifestyle or mine, and it just wasnt going to work. Youll have to forgive me if Im a little disappointed that they didnt see me in a whole new light as a potential partner. However, I suppose I might have seen them as an easy target. They were always so concerned about what people on the outside might think. Ashton and Seann are actually very tolerant of me. Ashton and I are close friends and we work together on a show called The Break Up. Ashton and I had been on a couple dates before we actually began filming, but Seann had been with a man and she had to stop dating. I think Ashton had just gotten over the breakup. She looked pretty drunk as she was stumbling and slurring her words a bit, but didnt appear to be in any kind of foul condition. We didnt even finish it in his glass like we normally do, but instead he kept drinking it from the can, so I did for her. Youve been through a lot, I said with a concerned tone. Ive been trying to put it behind me and move on. However, its something at least you can get behind me about as opposed to a lot of other things I have going on in my life. Ashton took a long drink from his can and then put it in his hand. He started to say something, but I interrupted.

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