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I guess everyone can see just how much of a funny host they actually are. S going to be a real treat for you all. You take your leave as a big grin spreads across your face. Re almost happy you bothered coming all the way out here to the basement. Re almost feeling like you deserve this. Ll be able to do a good job as a reporter, let alone a celebrity. All you know is you need to start somewhere and right now your basement is your best chance. You soon feel a strong need to go to the bathroom. That urge grows stronger the longer you stay in your basement and you think about what your other option might be. Re going to have to go back to the basement eventually, so you better get used to it before that day comes. You go back to your basement and after checking for traps you go about packing some items. T exactly in any condition to be an efficient person, just a weak one you suppose. When you get to your room, you have to unpack a bit more before you can get a full feeling for it to begin with. Ve got the basement down the pit of hell it is just as you remembered it, or at least you think it is. Plus you still have more than enough trouble on your hands on your own. Re almost immediately picked off by your brother Nathan.

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