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You dont read any furtherThis is all pretty much just going to make you feel sad. You dont want to read more depressing things, you dont even want to think about it. You dont need to read anymore depressing, do you. Nothing else is going to make you feel better. Well, youre definitely not feeling much better, but at least this doesnt cause you to give up. You continue to look through the pictures on the computer. Nothing of anything of worth, and you are going to have to start working on your social skills, but the pictures of the happy-go-lucky types make you smile. It was a 386SX, and as much as you hated it, you still remember the times it was so you could play games. It was the year that the internet was first invented of course, but you really didnt know what an internet was then. All you knew about it was that you started using it when you were 15 to download video games you couldnt afford anymore from a company called GameShark. You thought it was just going to be a way to download the games for free. Your parents didnt really understand it either, but you remember them actually buying it for you from Best Buy because you wouldnt shut up about how much you didnt want to play those games anymore. You think they felt like they had to buy the computer just because you had complained about how bad you wanted to play those games. You still remember how they were both so proud of the fact that you were able to get a job online that you had to be sent to a program called a dumb terminal, where you would be able to use the internet. It made you feel so powerless, and thats when you decided it was time to change things around. You decided that it was going to be a whole new world if you just pushed your way through all the crap that the system that your parents had put you in would throw at you. It was either that or youd end up a victim of some predator. It wasnt a good time to be a kid, and it wasnt a good time to be a teenager either. After all, you couldnt care less if you even did anything meaningful with that stupid job. There was something to be said about just simply having enough to eat and maybe go out for a few hours during the day, but you were able to do that. It was actually fun when that first time you found a job that was real and you had control over the hours you worked and the things you bought. But as you grew older, and you started going through that phase of trying to fit.

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