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A Movie I made 6 years ago about My Life. But i can play a lot of others too.

Suddenly the screen goes dark, and a few seconds later, the computer buzzes at you. The Screen Goes BlackThe screen goes black. You stand up, and remember what you did in the first place. What you see is a bunch of pictures of your sister in various stages of undress. You open the back door to your basement. You hide your sister in your bathroom closet. Your sister has to stay in the closet for the rest of the week. S not in the room with you that night when you have sex. You never thought about fucking in any serious way until your sister brought it up. Re about her fucking someone else in the shower. Re going to go crazy if you even think about your sister like this. Re going to break down completely if you ever think about your sister at all. You go to see a mental health professional for help. He tells you that there is nothing wrong with you. Just a teenage boy with normal sexual urges. Ve never actually had sex with one or had any interest in it. There is no reason for you to think about your sister like you do. He says all this may sound really comforting and all that, but you are going to have to overcome these thoughts and not live like this forever. T respond to his advice at all, you just go back to your basement. A few months pass and your normal teenaged boy life is over.

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