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And, to be completely honest with you: you have been contemplating this very topic as you have sat looking out your window, wondering when it would be your turn to do this. As you were sitting, wondering, a door in front of the window, opened. A little girl with a little blond ponytail walked out and then turned around. She had a bright smile on her face, which made her seem a little younger than you remembered. You hissed in fright, realizing it was your younger sister, who you had not been able to see her since you were a little girl with her. T even hear the sound of her footsteps as she went back into the trailer. S still looking at you with a look of concern. You decide to head back to the trailer, since you were really starting to start to feel uncomfortable about this. As you walk back, you wonder if you should tell them, about her. You quickly come back to the trailer, and get inside the living area of the trailer. You look to your mother, who is still in the kitchen with a tray of food. You say, and get in front of her; she notices you and looks worried. I mean I heard you on the news saying something happened, but I was still very surprised when she came running into our room saying she was transgender. And with those words, you hug her goodbye.

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