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M not quite as aware of who the other guy is now, First, most celebrities are just like you. Re just rich people who take pictures with fans and have a lot of money. Re in a position where you can easily use your money to do good. When you were working retail, you saw little kids get sick all the time, and you had little money to help them. You could give them some free stuff, or you could give them free groceries every week for as long as they lived in your grocery store. T need to hoard it away in the Cayman Islands or Switzerland or some shit like that. You can use your money to help others. Ll do everything you can to help them as best you canOf course, I know all this probably sounds really cheesy coming from you, but you should do it. You can do a lot with a little, especially with family. Ve been putting that behind you, but maybe you need to bring it back up again. I figured people were too busy or bored or whatever to talk to me. This is going to be a different situation, but you and I can.

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