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You Aileen WuornosHiding in plain sight, the world saw Aileen Wuornos. That woman, so pretty and beautiful with every ounce of life in her body, was murdered by men for a few million dollars. Her beautiful, young body was mutilated for display to the world. What a sad story, what a sad woman and what a sad world. Why are people still willing to sit by and let this go on. I wont even go into the money itself, but lets just say it is plenty. I thought about doing this many times, but I was never quite strong enough to do it. The story just wasnt as sad as I thought it was going to be. A wealthy woman was murdered, and nobody seemed to care. If I was the only one that didnt think what a stupid and evil thing to do, I wouldnt be able to write these stories anymore. I hope I am remembered for the things I did that were good, not the things I did that were evil. Since this is my last post on this board, Id like to say a few words to all the people that read, and have read, my stories. If you decide to continue reading them, then thank you. If not, then thank you for knowing that I had a life. Lastly, Id like to say to all those that were offended by my stories and my comments, I think your world is fucked up, and maybe you dont deserve better. Finally, Id like to say thank you to all my fans over all these years. Even if I was writing about the bad guys, I still had to write some sort of story about the hero, and Ive always found some way to appeal to you. If anything was good, Im sure you felt something. If anything, Im sure I drew you closer to me. The worst thing that could happen to you is that you make a bad choice and suffer an early death. Then you wont be saddled by the responsibilities and responsibilities of the dead. -Tom Nook, Animal Crossing: New LeafYoure dead. Your mind is still working, just not your body. The last moments of your life were the happiest. You had money, you had power and you were loved. Life is long, and sometimes you forget how little time you have to enjoy it.

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celebrities who were murdered