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That isnt the only good thing about Scientology though. They will be eager to help you get a job. You decide that this religion is just as good for you. Youre too much of a man for that sort of society, youre too independent for that sort of religion, youre too much of a person for that sort of organization. Youre too much of a complete I for that sort of life. No thanks, youre going to be an I, the way Im meant to live. You join Scientology, an Anti-ScientologyIm joining, but Im leaving the Church of Scientology. Just give me a moment to get my stuff and Ill meet you right away. You accept Mikes offerOkay, okay, Im in. Mike gives you some papers and some pens, Ive got a lot of stuff to get, so if you have time, you can look at these. I guarantee theyll make you a lot smarter. Youll be looking at a lot more than a lot once I get to the city, so I can wait right here, right now, in this little shop. You quickly read the papers as Mike leaves to a back room. He returns shortly with a stack of black folders. Look, if you want to see the inside of one of these in person, I can get it to you. Just come up to this shop and Ill be here to welcome you up to my shop. You agree that youll go see the inside of somethingYou quickly agree, so Mike leads you to the back room, which is mostly a windowless door, so only you and one of the two men working out can see in from inside. You enter the windowless roomYou enter the room and the two men are waiting for you. They both wear suits and the one in the suit is reading some documents, while the other man is wearing a white lab coat and carrying around a clipboard. Mike opens the door for you, which you happily get in.

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celebrities that are scientologists