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In simple terms,A herpes simplex virus, HSV, is a common virus that causes infection with the cold sore, sores, viruses. The virus may cause fever blisters and genital sores on some infected individuals. A cold sore is the result of an infection with the herpes simplex virus. When the virus infects the skin, it usually causes a rash, fever, joint pain, and other symptoms. Herpes is a chronic viral infection that affects the skin. It causes sores, rash, in the genital region, mouth and throat and on the arms, hands and feet. There is no known cause for herpes infection, and it is usually not contagious. Some people have more than one type of herpes virus. For example, some herpes simplex viruses may cause cold sores while others cause sores on your genital area. Each type of herpes virus affects its own individual person differently. No, sores caused by herpes can be spread from person to person. Herpes infections can also be spread during sex. However, some studies have suggested that genital herpes outbreaks are not contagious and are only transmitted during the early stages of the infection. This means that before or after an outbreak, sores caused by herpes are not contagious. A person who has only had genital herpes infections usually develops oral herpes infections at the same time. Herpes can also spread from person to person during contact with the blood or genital secretions of another infected person. Can a person catch herpes from someone else. Herpes can spread to a person from an infected individual in the following ways:In the case of oral herpes – infected saliva can enter the mouth of a person who is not infected. If this occurs, the person who is not infected can then infect the other person by shaking the infected persons hand. In the case of genital herpes – infected secretions in the genital area can enter other peoples genital areas. In this case, sores usually begin to develop on the surface of the mouth or genitals and, if left untreated, spread to other parts of the body. Herpes is very common in the United States, but there are major population differences in disease rates based on age, sex and race. Many health care providers believe that differences in the way the diseases.

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