From Mike Tyson to Roseanne Barr, many celebrities have shown their support for …

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Plus, This Could Endup Being A Winners Game For All. GZHawk87, Apdimeaway u will probably get cancer, get lung cancer, get bone cancer, get cancer from eating all the shitty processed food that is being made these days, and u wont be able to afford much- anything. MrGZHawk87, ApDimeAway u will probably die a violent, drug and alcohol filled death. Mjking12, Apdimeaway u wont have a chance at anything because u wont have a job. Joetskipper, ApThis all brings to mind another dimeaway for Clinton:DimeAway u will be deported to a third world country where you will end up getting killed. Johnnygalt77, ApThis was followed by some of the funniest responses:What will be the dimewayback for Trump. In one of the last scenes of the first season of Girls, Hannah gets on an elevator with an attractive guy named Jeff and the two of them get off together. What looks like a simple, romantic situation turns out to be much more complicated, because Jeff, we learn, isnt the only one shes been messing around with. Hannah, ever the rebel, was secretly frolicking with another girl throughout the entire episode who she refers to as my other girl. Though some viewers may have assumed that Hannah was frolicking with someone else and didnt want to mention it, the reality is that Hannah actually had sex with another girl in the elevator. Is when she and Jeff exchange numbers on their first day of college. In fact, the only reason why Hannah doesnt mention the fact to Jeff is that she doesnt want to get the guy in trouble for cheating. AdvertisementThis is one of those instances where the show makes it pretty explicit by airing the whole scene. Though this isnt the only time Hannah has had sex with someone else in public.

Post about Hollywood celebrities for trump

hollywood celebrities for trump