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Male celebrities who caught our attention in 2015. The Hottest Hottest Hottest darks of 2015 are here.

Catch more of the 100 Sexiest Men 2016. View the source of this project on GitHub: endoftext A man who tried to rob a restaurant in West Hollywood earlier this week was fatally shot by police, authorities said. Los Angeles Police spokeswoman Kris Sanchez said the robbery occurred about 3:35 p. La Brea Ave and that the man opened fire on officers who arrived on the scene, killing one officer and critically wounding the other, Sanchez said. The robber was wounded by police and was taken by ambulance to a hospital in critical condition, Sanchez said. Police were looking for a man described as a Hispanic man with brown hair wearing black jeans and a gray sweatshirt. The robbery was not believed to be random, police said. In the latest news out of the free speech wars, student activists at the University of California-Berkeley and other colleges have been harassing students they deem to be fascists online and in the streets, as the New York Times Kevin Roose and Mark Landler reported today. In late November, student activists at Berkeley shouted down Milo Yiannopoulos, a conservative commentator and Breitbart News editor, by calling out his Fascism is a real thing phrase and asking him questions about his alleged links to white supremacy. The protests came after police were pelted with rocks and other items in a campus protest after a student was killed in a campus stabbing. The New York Times has a good rundown of the events The university subsequently condemned the actions:After the violent student protest, the universitys president, Janet Napolitano, sent a campus-wide email to the campus community that condemned the hateful behavior and hateful ideology that led to the acts of violence seen at that demonstration and other recent protests on the campus. She also called on students to respect each other and each others differences. In the Times interview, UC-Berkeley student Martin Nasir told Roose and Landler that the campus has a problematic culture:UC-Berkeley student Martin Nasir said that a campus culture that has been focused on diversity while not investing in its own success can create a tension in the classroom. The thing that worries me is that the administration is so focused on diversity and inclusion, and then when students are not embracing it, the administration goes to the police, Mr. The police arrest people for the sake of being politically correct.

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