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The first celebrity about whom I found out the most is of course Julianne Hough, who said in an interview:At the time I was at the height of my fame, and I had such a horrible illness. I had the worst pain I ever had in my life. I was in pain so bad for so long that I had to actually pull myself out of the bathtub on a number of occasions. I would even say it was my defining experience. Theres a lot more where that came from, so heres more of it. It took me awhile to find out that Muddy Waters has had painful periods of time, but I did when I read this:Muddy Waters has been open about his struggle with endometriosis in an interview he gave the Village Voice in 1999:My last two pregnancies have almost killed me. If it werent for that, Im sure Id still be playing and probably living like a hermit in my trailer. I get that its a disease, but when I was young I was like a junkie, taking drugs and drinking and doing whatever. I was doing that until my life got too crazy for me and I had to go down to the basement. I got to where I am today because I had to go down there and have that bad experience. But its too bad because I really do want to do all those things. But then when they come, well thats the fun of it for me. Its like somebody hits you in the face with a brick and then you dont feel the pain for the rest of your life. Id rather just get it over with, he says, because its just so bad. I can go through a week of bleeding every month, but then after I get through it, I feel more comfortable. As far as my endo stuff, its mostly related to stress. I get stressed out and feel like Im going to die. When that happens, its like a wave of agony just sweeps through you that lasts for one week and it keeps going and running. Ive never had it happen before, never, but once in a while you get a bad one. But I think this one has been good, because its kept me out of the emergency room.

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