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As we all know, the next episode of Arrow Season 5 has been officially announced. So heres a list of things you can expect to see this season on the CWs hit, if you havent already. The Death of Oliver QueenThis is the big story that will most likely take up a good chunk of the episodes as you could probably count on 3 episodes per year for the foreseeable future. Its a big step for the show, and theyve been building it up slowly, but it looks like it will finally break through in Season 5. The Blackest NightThis ones a bit more vague, to put it well, given that its something that happened 10 years ago. Though we have a feeling it will be something bigger than what happened in the comics or even what weve seen on screen. The Blackest Night killed Olivers entire family. The Suicide SquadThis would be the most logical choice at this point given that the world is in chaos thanks to the loss of Oliver Queen, and the Suicide Squad can only do good. Even though the show has hinted that something like this is on the horizon, the Suicide Squad could be a group of criminals that includes the Reverse Flash, so we havent seen the end of that either. The League of AssassinsThis is the actual name of the team, though it wasnt all that long ago that we saw it in action. Its not like its been in the comics for 10 years. So its not like you can totally count on it to be the same thing. But then again they have said its connected to what we know of the Blackest Night. We just dont know about the League of Assassins yet. The Lazarus PitThis is where it starts to get a little vague. The Lazarus Pit is an artifact, and theyre making connections to the current events of the world. The League of Assassins was on Olivers list, so maybe itll be that, but maybe itll also be the Lazarus Pit. The Brother Blood CurseThis curse is a bit more vague. Theyre making connections to the Blackest Night, but if it is, then maybe its the vampire that killed Nyssa. The Prometheus ConspiracyThis ones pretty obvious, but what makes it a little less obvious is that it involves Olivers wife. What do you think about these two major stories that are likely to take up a good chunk of the season. Are you excited to see these stories, or are there other ones youre looking forward to. In any event, thanks to the Arrow twitter, heres the list of.

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