Fred Goldman Applies To Renew Judgment Against O.J. Simpson, You Owe Me $96 Mil Now!

Fred Goldman says the staggering sum that O.J. Simpson owes him has now ballooned to a whopping $96 MILLION, TMZ Sports has learned.

Goldman laid it all out in new court documents, in which he’s applying for a renewal of his old judgment against the former NFL star stemming from the death of Fred’s son, Ron Goldman.

You’ll recall, in 1997 … O.J. was ordered to pay $33.5 million to the Goldman family after he was found liable in the 1994 killing of Ron, who died along with Nicole Brown Simpson in Brentwood, Calif.

In 2015, Fred said with interest, O.J. owed him $57 million. But, in the new docs, Fred now says interest has continued to pile up over the last 7 years and has now reached nearly $97 mil.

Fred has said O.J. has only made a handful of relatively small payments over the years … and has previously argued that following Simpson’s 2018 release from prison, he’s resumed making money and should be continuing to make payments to the Goldman family.

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