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Share on Facebook Tweet this chart Embed Copy the code below to embed this chart on your website. Download imageBut these days, the December 12 holiday is used as an excuse for just plain lying. As anyone whos been on social media recently can tell you, the Internet is riddled with holiday-themed memes. So what could be so different, so different, and especially so, about the holidays. The truth is, what people most often refer to as a holiday doesnt even exist in the physical universe. It is a concept that has evolved over time, and it is in no way real. But that doesnt mean people who celebrate them dont have any justification for their behavior. Its an excuse not to workIn 2013, the United States Census Bureau reported that the unemployment rate was 7. The average rate for the three-month period from Decemto Decemwas 7. Of course, it may seem like an unemployment rate of 7. 1 percent is low compared to what weve had in recent years. Or theyre spending it on things that dont necessarily bring them joy. 5 percent, slower than the growth rate for the prior year. 1 percent and spending on durable goods and investment goods fell by 1. As a result, the growth of the output of goods-producing industries fell by 0. 2 percentage point from the year before, the biggest one-year decline since 2000. If theres anything we know about the psychology of spending, its a tendency to overspend on the things we really want, and underspend on things we really dont want, but have to have If money doesnt exist, how can we justify not spending it in the service of our desires. Its an excuse for not contributing to societyIf we dont earn money, and we spend it all, in what manner can we contribute to society. When was the last time you went to the grocery store and bought something you really wanted. When was the last time you bought something you didnt really want. When was the last time you went to the movies, a bar, or a book store. These are all things we buy to fill a void in ourselves.

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celebrities born on december 12