Francis Bacon, John Barrymore, Ingmar Bergman, Peter Bogdanovich, Marlon Brando, Jackson Browne, Raymond Burr, …

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See more about type 4 and type 4 types. Its a combination of 4 types of personality traits, Ive chosen those ones. The number 4 represents all of the values that make up a human being. Each of the 4 sides of the pyramid represents a human value. Each of the 4 vertices represents a type of human behavior. Each of the 4 corners represents a quality of human character. The 4 points in the center represents the universal factor of time. Its not perfect, there are some inconsistencies in the type of character, but I think its pretty good. The 4 corners are kind of arbitrary too for one thing. All of these qualities seem to be tied to a certain type of character, which seems kind of weird. I mean, some people have qualities that are different from their type of character,I just find that most interesting, and I think that it should be the standard. But Im also kind of unsure about the 4 points in the center. I mean, I could see the point of them,but I just wasnt sure about their meaning yet. Like I said, they represent the universal factor of time,but Im not sure if they mean anything in the scheme of things. I mean, I could see that they represent things like the 4 phases of the moon,but even some of the things were told are tied to a type of character have no known relation to that type or that character. Its almost like theyre made up to make the type and character seem more defined. A few examples would be, the 4 types of people,and the things that they do and wear. In this case, the 4 places that I have chosen seem to represent a certain type of character. They seem to represent various human qualities,as well as human traits and qualities. They dont seem like theyll make sense at all to someone who is not a type or not a type of character.

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enneagram type 4 celebrities