Forty million American adults suffer from anxiety, including celebrities…

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You decide not to go any further. After all, youre not sure if you will. You take your phone to tell your family youre okay and go back to your hotel room with only a small towel around you. You call a psychologist who is now calling back. You dont know what you think is wrong with you but that night you just dont feel well. Still, youre going to sleep feeling good and if you need to stay up a little longer until you feel more like yourself, you are. You get back to your room and call up the psychologist who was so kind to you yesterday. Turns out shes going to be the one to talk to you and she goes over your anxiety levels in detail. Shes going to give you a prescription for Xanax. She says youll need to start taking the stuff as soon as you can. Youre going to have to wait until your doctor gives the go ahead to use it. You call up your parents and let them know whats going to happen and that you have to go in to see your doctor. Your mom gives you her number while your dad doesnt answer his phone. Apparently hes a lot older than you expect and if the things he was ranting and yelling about yesterday were any indication, hes going to be a little more upset about this. As the day comes around you begin taking your Xanax and youre feeling better by the end of day. Youre up early for your meeting with your therapist, which you go to without incident. When the psychologist arrives you feel better in the room. She asks you what happened yesterday and whether youve talked about it with anybody else. She starts asking you questions like whats your family situation like, what were your plans were yesterday and so on. A few of her questions are really intrusive though and you get the impression shes trying to find out everything that happened. She takes your medical history and then asks you to take some pictures of yourself with your phone. She asks you a lot of questions like when you first got the pills, where, how many and of course which ones. She even asks you how you feel about taking them now. For what feels like hours youre being questioned by your therapist and she seems incredibly bored with what shes doing. You ask her do you have something in common with the people taking the pills that are going to the same school you are. Her face starts to lose color and she replies the pills seemed to be for different people. Shes not sure what the connection is but she says she has no time to worry about it.

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