Forget bronzer; consider these fair-skinned celebs your ultimate pale girl inspiration…

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Well how about you start making up some shit, just so we KNOW youre not too stupid to be a real fan. I dont think you can be too stupid for that one, pal. I mean, I dont know why, I just do. Hes pale enough to have melanin which Im sure protects his heart from the suns harmful rays, I just like his skin tone. Its a real shame that his skin tone is a bit off for TV. I wonder if people would take him less seriously if he still had a bit of color in his face. Maybe then we wouldnt have any problems or anything. Ive seen him on TV too and he doesnt have that tan yet, which I find very odd. I mean, I used to think I was the only one who liked those actors that I used to watch on a regular basis, but then I found out that they were all actors as well. I didnt even recognize most of them, let alone relate to any of them. Well, maybe Im not here to talk to you about this since youre just a fan too, but just like I was thinking. Im sorry if I didnt say anything in a nice way because I guess I was a bit mad, but Im not mad at you at all. Im glad we had this conversation anyway. I was about to start crying and I couldnt do that with you looking like that. After you say goodbye and leave, you go back to your TV. You watch for a long time and never really think of anything else but your love for Buffy. One day, a guy comes in to check out the place. He seems really nervous, like he doesnt really know if he should say hi or not.

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