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Each of them a model, singer, actress, or just about anything else that can act like a celebrity. They act like celebrities right up until the moment they die. You then close the laptop and sit down in a chair. You stare at the laptop screen, you and the rest of the U. You stand up and walk into the bathroom. You take a long, hot, and messy shower. Endeavour is a decommissioned United States Navy ship that served as a floating base to train the alien creatures called Klytonites that later became the U. There is a map on the left-hand page, which shows a detailed view of the ship. In the middle of the page are three circles, labeled CALIBRE, CONSTRUCTION, and REPAIR. The first and second circles have a total of seven circles. The third circle has two circles, labeled INSPECT and OPERATE. This page will get me into trouble later, you say to yourself. You begin to browse the Internet on the Internet in which, according to your research, these U. Endeavors were stationed, in the same part of the ship that you saw on the map. You enter your username and passwordThis is too important to ignore. The window displays a list of websites that you have access to. The site you are on now that you most likely dont want to see, even when you decide to do something bad. The site you are on now is the United States Governments MySpace website. So you are aware of the most popular photographs of the ships. So you click on them and begin to scroll through the various pictures of the U. Endeavors is anchored in the middle of a sea filled with giant blue fish. There are also other pictures of various people on the ship.

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