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Bates is the author of the new book, The Trump Effect: How A Presidents Race Affects Everyone from Banking to Education. He has produced more than a dozen radio and television shows, including The Daily Show with Jon Stewart and Fareed Zakaria GPS. He has also been a foreign correspondent in several countries for ABC News and PBS, and was the founding editor of Slate magazine. He has been honored by the National Press Foundation, the Radio Television Digital News Association, and is the recipient of the National Association of BroadcastersNewseums Roger King Humanitarian Award and the Alfred I. ComWhen someone asks me to review some new book on my blog I will always write about it here, but Ill also try to write about it in other places so that it has some visibility, not at the top of my list of things for me to post In the case of Peter J. His latest book is The History of the Middle Ages and the Reformation. To give you a flavor of the contents, Carrolls book is structured as an introduction with chapters on the period, followed by discussion of a range of topics that range from the history of the church and state to the history of medieval art to the development of the modern university. Carroll does a great job of explaining the various topics that he discusses and does a great job of introducing the reader to the key concepts. He is very clear about the topics that he covers, and it is easy to follow his arguments and develop my own ideas on the topics that he discusses during the course of the book. The title of the book means that the book is not only about the history of the medieval and Reformation period, but also about the development of the university during the period. In the book one of the books that Carroll has chosen to focus on is the Oxford Concise Dictionary of the History of the Middle Ages and the Reformation. He discusses the history of the university in the period and the ideas that led to the development of that institution. To be honest, I havent read the whole book, but I had read some excerpts from it when it was published, and I found it to be helpful, and it would be a good start for someone who wants to explore the development of the university during the Middle Ages and the Reformation. AdvertisementsA high school football team in Georgia has been suspended after a picture of its mascot appeared on Facebook.

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