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Forbes, In total South Korea has a population of 114 million people. M Industries which has a wide variety of products. It is his largest company and one of the largest companies in South Korea. 8 trillionShe owns one of the largest banking businesses in the country called Shinhan Bank. 9 trillionHe owns a large company, Shinsegae Group and he owns a variety of different companies and businesses. 3 trillionHe owns a number of companies including a medical supply company. He is the founder of the largest medical supply company in South Korea. 3 trillionShe also owns a medical supplies company. 4 trillionShe owns a lot of different businesses including an insurance company, a shipping company and various other businesses. 3 trillionHe owns the Korea Tourism Organization and an airline. He is also the head of Koreas biggest conglomerate. 5 trillionHe is the founder of the Samsung Electronics Company. He is also the most wealthy man in the world in 2017. 3 trillionHe owns a shipping company including a shipping company for the Korean Peoples Army. He is also the head of the country of South Korea. 2 trillionHe manages the country of South Korea. He is also the owner of the largest media group in South Korea. 8 trillionHe is the CEO of Samsung SDI and the head of Samsung SDIs television division. Samsung SDIs television division is the largest industry in South Korea.

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richest korean celebrities