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T get to make those feelings known all the damn time. The next day you wake up with another dream about the two guys who lived on your street stealing your flowers. T expect to wake up with them in your dream and then have them walk right past your window yesterday. Ll be back out soon and he says he has to go up to use the bathroom, but that you and Gloria can use the extra bedroom. You have a look around and see a trailer to the left where Jay had his tent, and a trailer to the right where Gloria has her trailer. Jay had his tent in the backyard, so you assume she has hers in the back of the trailer. You go up to the bedroom and see Gloria sitting on the bed, in her underwear reading a book. She looks up and smiles at you, which is enough to cause you to go over and take her hand. M not going to be using the bathroom right away. You say which causes a blush on her face. Ve been wearing those panties all day. Ve been dreaming about you since I got home yesterday. Your face turns red with embarrassment again and you pull away. S a little weird, but I felt like you were too good for me yesterday. T know if I agree, I was just so happy in my dream. You say and then blush even more. Gloria says and then gives you a quick peck on the cheek. At this point you have no words and just stand there with a dumbfounded expression on your face. You continueA few hours pass as you and Gloria take care of your other chores.

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