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The next day you arrive in Palm Springs, the place to be. The airport is a great big white structure on the horizon, but most of the people arriving at the terminals are on planes heading to their next destinations or they are in town for the annual Gay Days festival that happens around this time. Most people are just getting out of their automobiles and heading towards their gates when you arrive. You dont really want to stand out though, so since you dont know any of the ground rules and are still a little excited about seeing the place, you begin looking for a gate that has a long line of cars waiting behind it. Eventually you reach a point where there are so many cars in front of the gate that its blocking the entrance to the gate area and people are just parked on the streets to get in or out. This is at a time when a lot of people are just getting out of their cars, so they are basically all out in the streets trying to find somewhere to park. But once again, the police arent enforcing the parking laws or anything and everyone is just being selfish, so most car owners are just letting the cars park right in front of the gate rather than trying to squeeze people in. You see the police in their cruisers and you feel a little worried about what is going to happen to you, but then someone comes out of the police department and tells you that there isnt anything going on. You are given a free pass to go through the gates, which you immediately take. You are at a loss of where to go, but you notice that there are lots of police cars following you. You check into the hotelYou walk into the hotel lobby, which is really neat, and see the owner, a man in his sixties with a big bushy beard and wearing a t-shirt that says Hotel. He greets you warmly and hands you a business card. You get directions to the Rainbow PoolAfter that warm greeting, you realize that he was the one who had been giving you strange glances all day. He gives you directions to the Rainbow Pool and you follow them to a very large swimming area filled with colorful colored rubber slides, slides of different sizes and a great big swimming pool with a great big diving board that looks incredibly dangerous. You have no idea how you are going to get over to it, but you just get over to it. As you approach the pool, you are suddenly overcome as you realize that this is the place where all the celebrities like to go and everyone should be here. You start to get all excited by all this and you have to stop yourself from going too far out of your way to get to it because you are excited too much.

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