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You do the second level, marriageYou decide to marry the celebrities youve come across on the surface, but you decide to get more. Youve been thinking about this a lot, since its been a long time since youve really been around to take in all the hot women that youve found on the surface. You have a team of 10 friends help you with this plan. You find a place to live for them to live in at the same place as you, and you tell them to bring as many hot women as they want to your teams place. You and your friend decide to choose someone to marry and so you come up to each of them one by one. The last one standing will marry her best friend for the rest of their lives, unless she chooses to kill her for love. They have a lot of time to choose and many other options to choose from. You can be a man or a woman, but they cant change their gender. Your teams life is very happy and prosperous, but after 10 years have passed, your team has gotten too old to continue the life. You decide to let each of you live out the rest of your lives if you wish. One by one you give birth to grandchildren. A month after the first of the grandchildren is born, the team discovers an entrance to a giant cavern filled with the remains of an ancient civilization. They begin digging for treasure and the next day, the surface is flooded. A few years pass, and a few explorers from the surface come back to the cave. They tell your team that the entire surface of the world is now underwater and that the only way to get it back is to kill all the people who have left because when they come back, the world will be an uninhabitable hell. Your team takes the chance and begin digging out to the surface. There is still time to save the world or die trying. You choose to save the worldYou decide to save the world, no matter where you are. You all set out to the surface and continue to help each other. In a year and a half, No time for leisure, you discover a huge mountain of gold. The team is very happy for the whole year, but eventually the gold runs out, and by the year after that, you are the only one left alive. You, your friend and one other person escape from the mountain. You tell your friend to go on ahead and tell the others youre leaving to continue as normal. The other person runs after you and tells the survivors to come with him or they will all die. You and your friend fight back the other survivors and your friend manages.

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